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Welcome to Classic FX & Classic Porsche Trimming Surrey

My aim is to tailor the service I provide to the individual, from repairing or recovering a damaged seat and interior to rebuilding the entire engine or vehicle to original factory specification. I work closely with my customer in detail to match the correct service to suit their vision and budget requirements.

Classic FX has the capability and experience to undertake all aspects of Porsche classic car care; from general maintenance, keeping your classic on the road in tip top condition, through to full nut and bolt restorations, making your classic that bit more enjoyable in the modern world.

My personal specialty is Porsche trimming from sourcing OEM materials direct to detailing concourse interior building including upgrades. The key is precise precision engineering & detail as it arrived from the Stuttgart factory line.

Classic Porsche Restoration

Early Porsche Cars  911, 912, 914 brought & sold 

Porsche Trimmer 

Porsche Targa Roof Repair, Replacement 

Porsche Trimming 

You can view my current and completed projects by clicking the images below or view the News section for more information on my latest projects.

Please feel free to email me at garry@classicfx.net or call to arrange a visit to my trim shop & workshop (based near Gatwick Surrey) on 07551 003 000 with any enquiries.