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Archive for July 14, 2016

Porsche 1971 911T Interior Re-trim

This customer wanted us to source a set of year correct comfort seats to replaced the worn 80’s retro ones he had at present. Re-trimmed in black Napa perforated leather along with a new carpet set, door bins & cards, parcel shelf and Blaupunkt Frankfurt changed the car somewhat.

IMG_2977 IMG_2976 IMG_2975 IMG_2973 IMG_2972 IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2968

IMG_3035 IMG_3034IMG_3036 IMG_3032 IMG_3030 IMG_3029 IMG_3028 IMG_3027

In House Porsche Fuch Wheel Refurbishment

Now refurbishing Porsche Fuchs Wheels in house


In house Fuch wheel refurbishment

In house Fuch wheel refurbishment

Pepita – Porsche – Houndstooth – Green-New

Pepita Houndstooth-Green

Now in stock