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Porsche Sport Recaro’s Re-trimmed

A couple of early sport Recaro’s refurbished and trimmed with Classic FX peptia (houndstooth) inserts & OEM vinyl. Both ready for there place in a restored 911E

  IMG_4298 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4303 IMG_4305
IMG_4297 IMG_4296 IMG_4281

1973 2.7RS Touring RHD light yellow

Rare RS arrives for its interior & some exterior detail changed back to it’s factory delivery touring spec. So new trimmed sport seats, door trim, carpets etc.

IMG_4034IMG_4036 IMG_4035

Car went to to paint after stripping in house, almost finished





IMG-20171214-WA0001 IMG-20171214-WA0005 IMG-20171214-WA0006 IMG-20171214-WA0009 IMG-20171214-WA0010 IMG-20171214-WA0011 IMG-20171214-WA0012 IMG-20171214-WA0013 IMG-20171214-WA0014




IMG-20171214-WA0019 IMG-20171214-WA0020 IMG-20171214-WA0021 IMG-20171214-WA0022 IMG-20171214-WA0023 IMG-20171214-WA0024 IMG-20171214-WA0025 IMG-20171214-WA0026 IMG-20171214-WA0027 IMG-20171214-WA0028 IMG-20171214-WA0029 IMG-20171214-WA0030 IMG-20171214-WA0031 IMG-20171214-WA0032 IMG-20171214-WA0033

Porsche 911 69-73 Long Wheel Base Hood-Bonnet Carpet Sets for Sale

During a run of trunk carpets I have five extra sets for sale.

These have correct press studs to fit along the wings and heater cover, also pocket for the wood panel. Four piece as per the factory in correct material.

Example below

Cost £85 plus shipping (£10 UK mainland)


1970 2.2S RHD with fresh body & paint in for full assembly, detail & interior.

All finished ready for classics at the castle

IMG_4019 IMG_4018

IMG_3973 IMG_3972

Porsche 1965 356SC Interior Trim

This 1965 356SC has undergone restoration by the customer which included new paint & an engine rebuild. Last stop was a full interior trim/refurbishment to finish. The existing front seats were trimmed last year so the customer could get mobile, these are finished in old-timer period leather with perforated centre’s. New carpets, door cards, rears, dash, & detailing finish the car all ready for summer.

Some before & after pictures show some differences indeed….


IMG_3795 IMG_3793

18119406_628291060712669_2973700676796445053_n 18157556_628291050712670_3796976645878319075_n

Porsche 1971 911S Targa Roof Replacement

This fully restored Targa required a roof replacement as one of its problems (apart from wind noise) was to tend to pop up in one corner at 100mph according to the customer! A new front seal & roof skin plus repairs to the frame & locking plates. Roof fit and window height were detailed to obtain a factory fit 🙂


Twin Porsche 356’s arrive for interior trimming

Two 356’s arrived today both for complete re-trims. Whats the chances of both customers having red interiors & both freshly painted in Slate Grey.

Best not get them mixed up!

Lovely cars

img_3621 img_3620 img_3619

One down one to go


Second one trimmed and leaving shortly

IMG_3680 IMG_3679 IMG_3678 IMG_3677 IMG_3676 IMG_3675 IMG_3674

1968 911S Right Hand Drive Full Restoration

With fresh paintwork and complete body restoration this 1968 911S RHD arrives at Classic FX for complete assembly & interior trim


img_3365 img_3366 img_3368 img_3371 img_3373


IMG_3216 IMG_3215 IMG_3214

img_3637 img_3638 img_3639 img_3643

1973 RHD 2.7RS Touring in Dalmatian Blue Interior Restoration

A rare genuine RS touring arrives for interior detailing. The owner had the car restored a few years ago and has asked me to detail and replace the incorrect vinyls used internally along with a headliner replacement from black to the correct ivory.

img_3533 img_3532 img_3531 img_3530 img_3529

img_3575 img_3574 img_3573 img_3572 img_3571 img_3570 img_3569 img_3568 img_3567 img_3565 img_3564 img_3563 img_3562 img_3561

img_3579 img_3578 img_3577 img_3576

img_3588 img_3586 img_3585 img_3584

1973 911E 2.2 Sport Recaro Trimming & Interior Refresh

Lovely 1971 911E Euro Targa arrives for sport recaro re-trimming & door bin replacement. Along with a new year correct radio and speaker plus some interior detailing.